Our Dedicated Team

Lis Suarez Visbal-Ensink

Founder, Director and Lead Trainer.

Lis Suarez Visbal-Ensink is a social entrepreneur, passionately committed to the economic development of women here and elsewhere and sustainable development, both locally and internationally. Colombian origin, it has more than 12 years of experience in international development and women entrepreneurship around the world. She has worked in more than six countries on three continents. Lis has a BA in International Development & Finance from Universidad Externado de Colombia and a degree in Administration and Finance from the University of Harvard. She received several scholarships and awards including that of the Blow of heart of the Latin American Chamber of Commerce for its commitment to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. Lis Suarez identifies himself as a voice of immigrant women in Quebec.

Maria Lid Garcia

Project Manager, Recruitment and Promotion.

Holds a Masters degree in communication specialization research and creation at UQAM. Lid Maria is passionate about projects related to education, communication and international cooperation, which are aimed primarily at young people, women and cultural communities.


Communication, Public relations & events Officer 

Student in Economics and Law, Elodie is a young french who gains various experiences in communication area inside french associations. With a desire to take action for female empowerment, she is an enthusiastic in the service of social entrepreneurship. 

Typhanie Sanchez

Teacher training.

Consultant in web marketing, Typhanie Sanchez defines digital strategies to maximize growth and online visibility of its clients. For over 10 years, it accompanies its local and international clients with their interactive projects of strategic thinking in the execution layout.

Kibamba Nimon

Teacher training.

Kibamba Nimon is a young woman who is very passionate about entrepreneurship. She has a Masters degree in Urban Planning and a Bachelor degree in Political science & Economics from the University of Montreal. Her interest in the economic development issues has motivated her involvement in local and international development organizations.

Mélanie Herbert

Teacher training.

A graduate of the MA in Communication, Mélanie Hébert has over 10 years experience in the field. As founding president of JACK Marketing, a marketing communications agency that combines strategic approach and creativity, she manages a team of ten professionals.